Jane WhiteJust learned she died, what a shame. Sensational lady, statuesque, sexy, deep contralto, a lotta woman. She read the role of Zazou for me and Bobbie Horowitz when we were preparing a play reading…and she was brilliant. Role was a star of the Paris music hall. It was just a few actors around a table, script in hand, no rehearsal, and she got in so many colors, so much nuance, I said, Wow, you really did some homework on this and she replied, Not really. That was when I saw how fine her instincts were. And how right she was for the imperious grande dame I’d written. When Marshall Barer died no-one really noticed but he was a brilliant lyricist and I decided to give him a memorial and Jane came and recreated her number –Sensitivity– from Marshall’s show, Once upon a Mattress. I video’d the evening and will put it up, look for it here soon. She had humor and vitality, and at one point I fixed her up with a pal of mine, an ex-editor for the NYT Book Review -but she scared him off.   Too much presence, too much size for him. Oh, Jane, Jane. You’ll look good in your angel’s toga, I’ll say that.