A wonderful, comfortable, bi-lingual train -from St. Pancras station in London to the Gare du Nord in Paris. Only trouble, no porters, no chariots (luggage carts), and though we both pride ourselves on having a gypsy attitude, dragging sixty pounds of suitcase plus fifteen pounds of computer on my back down a five-hundred yard train platform was enough to knock me out for the evening. However, a glass of excellent Sancerre in a local bistro soon revived me -and the apt./hotel gave our studio an upgrade to a suite! Wow! Tomorrow night going to the Casino de Paris to hear Petula Clarke -echoes of the sixties and beyond. Will have more to report soon.  Scott Brogan, my Blogmeister, will be posting a happy picture here before long. Have a great week!  Back November 14th to prepare Operation Ruby Slipper for late-month launch on Amazon. Meanwhile, you can check the International Judy Garland Club site for first reaction to the proof copy.