Paris Food

MaceoSo said Billy Strayhorn. Been here a week, and must recommend an amazing restaurant called Maceo (15, rue des petits-champs), run by the Willi’s Wine Bar guy, Mark Williamson. It was just a simple fillet of John Dory on a bed of spinach but suddenly, in the mix, was a bright orange-fleshed strip of what looked like an orange pepper -but turned out to be a slice of persimmon! The tart sweetness struck my tongue like a gentle clap of thunder -it was such a surprise! A Chablis from Raveneau that combined depth and finesse; a golden rainfall in the mouth. Paris does this to you, makes you speak this way. Place had it’s own lamps sculpted for it out of tin and lead -didn’t feel heavy; on the contrary, room had a light and airy atmosphere. After a week in London talking to director, publicity person and theater owner, don’t seem to have energy to explore Paris as exactingly as previously -but you gotta eat, and why not choose the best?  More later.