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Tracy BennettWent to see End of the Rainbow – a show that presents a performer named Tracie Bennett as Judy Garland.  Needless to say, a whole contingent of Judy fans turned out to see this early preview.  I’ll save my comments on the show for a couple of weeks. However: after the performance I stepped out of the theater, and on the sidewalk, just leaving, was a woman in her thirties. When she saw me, she put her hand to her mouth and tears sprang to her eyes. “My God,” she said to me, “you’re…John.” Tracy BennettShe proceeded to seem more than moved, as if she were watching either a golden Pacific sunset -or a Freeway accident.  She was becoming terribly emotional. “Yes,” I confirmed, “And you are…?” But she simply shook her head and moved away, still seemingly affected by the sight of me.  I can only assume this was because she recognized me from my photo in Heartbreaker, my Garland memoir (I was wearing the same cap as in the shot).  It was both exhilarating and unnerving.