About John

John Meyer

photo by Scott Wynn

I was put on this earth to deliver entertainment, that’s how I feel about it. Life is too short to live without fun, and there’s not that much of it around –intelligent, adult, stimulating fun I mean.  Mainly musicals, they’re my passion, my obsession, my mistress.

First song I ever had performed professionally was a torch ballad about a girl who fell in love with Mr. Clean. On the strength of the attention this received, I was invited as a songwriter to a summer at Tamiment –a resort hotel that produced an original revue every week.

This was great training. Came back to New York to join the BMI workshop, taught by Lehman Engel, a Broadway musical director.

Wrote my first original score in that workshop, for a show called JUBILEE JIM, about Jim Fisk. Met comedy writer STEVE GORDON and wrote an original musical called THE DRAFTDODGER.

This at the height of the Vietnam conflict.


9 thoughts on “About John”

  1. I hope you know that I still (and always will) think you are one of THE great songwriters America (or any country for that matter) has known. I NEVER tire of listening to the songs from The Betrayal of Nora Blake. I get so many compliments on When the Curtain Goes Up, which i’m thrilled to have written with you.

  2. A wonderful racontuer, a wonderful songwriter, and very wry and ironic singer of comic songs. Look forward to more of your posts.

  3. Diana Torres-Koss said:

    So enjoying Bringin Out the Beast! Such terrific songs…

  4. Are you the composer of “I’d Like to hate myself in the Mornin” ? I found this wonderful son on a Linda Eder album of Judy Garland songs. I’m trying to find the sheet music. Any chance you can direct me?

  5. Peter Lewis said:

    Just heard Judy sing All For You. Great song – it should be better known!

  6. Paul Snook said:

    Hi John its Paul Snook

  7. John, after people read your marvelous memoir about Judy, you blogged about how they made you aware of words such as “enabling”, “enabler”, and “co-dependency”. It was moving to read your blog in which you charted your learning curve. I’ve always thought there was a book in that. I’ve thought you could make a significant contribution to the recovery community.

    There must be millions of people who, like you, were unaware of the recovery jargon which helps people identify and label their feelings and behavior. Maybe they, too, can find explanations – and move away from the idea of saving a loved one.

    I am not in recovery, but you know I have always been a fan of your writing – musical, autobiographical, fictional – I’ve even loved your emails!

    Take care, John, and all the best to you and your talent.

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