Judy Garland

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I invested a great deal of myself in trying to help Judy Garland.  It was a fool’s mission, because she was so totally self-destructive, but I was young and idealistic and it was overwhelmingly appealing to think I could be THE ONE to rescue her, when everyone else had failed.

So I allowed Judy to co-opt me for a wild ride that lasted a hair-raising two months before I finally fell down sick with the Hong Kong flu…and Judy moved desperately on to the next man who would give her the support she’d come to depend on.   I’m not sorry.

Living with this amazing woman was a revelation, and when I wrote about it, in my memoir, Heartbreaker, it gave me a context and an identity that has informed my whole life.

I’ll expand on this in a few days, and describe in detail the way Judy affected me and how I forced myself to deal with the two-thousand Labors of Hercules she demanded of me.



5 thoughts on “Judy Garland”

  1. I really,really enjoyed operation ruby slipper…couldn’t put it down. I hope there’s a sequel of some kind some day. Thank you so much…very touching, entertaining and suspense-full. I will check out your cd.

    • Sean, did I ever respond to your great, positive comment about Ruby Slipper? If not,
      let me express my thanks. I’m so glad. I’m working on a musical adaptation of Heartbreaker now -hopefully for the fall in NYC.

  2. joost van berge said:

    just read your book “heartbreaker”. very moving, and, may i say, beautifully written.

  3. Touching; tender; sad; lonely; Exciting; well written Love Story………Read & Re-Read.

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