Operation Ruby Slipper

Operation Ruby Slipper
A Judy Garland Novel
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Operation Ruby Slipper1943: Twenty-one year old JUDY GARLAND is dropped behind enemy lines to bring back a photograph of German physicist FRANZ KINTNER -who poses a serious threat to the invasion of Normandy: He’s developing a nuclear battery for Hitler’s U-Boats and he must be taken out -trouble is, no-one knows what he looks like, so Judy’s been commissioned to find him and snap him. Why Judy? Because, in 1940, Kintner sent a letter to M-G-M requesting her picture: he’s a fan! This is the only lead they have, and it’s a slim one. But the army’s certain Franz will surface if Judy is the bait. She’s put in the care of a British double-agent, RUDI SCHILLER, an MI6 operative who works within the Reich, posing as Goering’s art expert. Their adventure is splashed across the canvas of war-torn Europe, culminating in a confrontation at the sub-base in Lorient, France, where Judy meets the little Nazi who is also a genius. But he brings a surprise.

Because I knew Judy up close, I’ve been able to re-create her voice, and the tale is told in her wry, ironic tone. Also featured are GEN. PATTON, ROGER EDENS, ADMIRAL DOENITZ, HOWARD HUGHESBOB HOPE & MARTHA GELLHORN.

A must read for World War Two enthusiasts -and certainly for anyone interested in Judy Garland.

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2 thoughts on “Operation Ruby Slipper”

  1. The book is hugely entertaining and actually rings quite true.A fun read,!!!

  2. Priscilla Meyer said:

    I think you should post our parody here (“OPERATION FLOATING KREPLACH”). It gives such fine perspective on the genius of your invention.

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