Heartbreaker by John MeyerWe met when I showed her a song.”Let’s get the f–k out of here,” she said and came home with me. She was in the last six months of her life, raddled by vodka and Ritalin -nonetheless she’d lost none of her talent and charm or radiance. I fell in love with her and undertook to rescue her. It didn’t work, but I got an unparallelled close-up of this extraordinary woman..and was able to capture her between covers (no pun intended). The book contains a CD of one of our rehearsals at the piano -just us. Wow.

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13 thoughts on “Heartbreaker”

  1. Loved “Heartbreaker.” Have re-read it several times. Judy just jumps off the page. I was one of her “gang,” as she called us. Teenage kids who hung around CBS to see her series and rehearsals. ( now known as the Bench Wenches and Bench Dudes since we’d wait outside the artist entrance to talk to her after the shows and often sat on the bench.) We’re all still in touch and get together from all over to reminisce. We feel awfully lucky to have been there. She spoke bitterly of people in the “judy business.” They’re obviously still at it. I wish they’d stop doing exploitative stuff like “End of the Rainbow.” I can’t imagine why anyone who loves Judy would pay to see something like this.

    • Barbara Scully said:

      I agree with you 100% Margo. Leave the woman alone! It’s been over 40 years since her death and people are still trying to make money off of Judy!!

  2. Hey, Margo, thanks for posting.
    I can empathize with your feelings and I share many of them.
    Be advised, I’m putting my own project together.
    Please read Ruby Slipper and tell me what you think.

  3. Clay Swidler said:

    Dear Mr. Meyer,

    How can we buy copies of the sheet music you wrote for Judy such as “It’s all for you” and “After the Holidays.” Great stuff for us singers!

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  4. John, I just purchased your book and read it. So sad. so incredible. A lot of people have made remarks about your intentions ,but I understood all your positions because it was exactly the way I woulve reacted being in the same situation. You just had too big a heart, cared too much and had an image of how you wanted things to be. Judy was a wonderful talent but she just was so used to the star treatment that she couldnt be sympathetic to your needs, probably because her brain just was shorting out from the booze and such. I was so engrossed in your book that i actually almost felt as if i were there with you both. your ability for detail, dialogue, and judy’s own speech was perfection!. I was curious if you truly believed if mickey had good intentions towards judy ? the way you did? Was there anything you wouldve done diffrently? I had so many questions as i Must say i was just longing for more after I was finished with it. Did she ever really talk about her kids? Whether you reply or not I loved this and i hope you found the true love of your life somewhere along the lines

  5. Jess, I appreciate your msg -thank you for your empathy and understanding.
    You ask if there’s anything I’d have done differently: only perhaps protecting my health so I could perhaps have prevented the tragedy of her death by accompanying her to London. BTW, go to ATFestival.com for an announcement of the musical version of my book.

  6. Hello John,

    We met on 6/10/14 at the reception in The York Theatre after the 5.P.M. performance of “The Marshall Barer Project.” I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and will tweet your site through mine. twitter.com/gerryggoldberg Have enjoyed the few posts of yours I have already read. Obviously you’re a fine evocative writer, with an easily readable style. Best wishes for your continued good health and success.

    • Hey Gerry–
      Caught up with your friendly post; hope things are going well and that you’re seeing some good shows (if there are any!). New post will be arriving soon on my site.

    • Gerry, guess what? Jim has invited me to present my play, Zazou, as part of the Developmental Reading Series. Sept. 21st/22nd.
      I have Liliane Montevecchi as a diva of the Paris Music-Hall -she is driven to murder! Hope to see you there.

  7. Heather Dingley said:

    Is this available on audiobook?

    • Not yet, Heather, and thanks for asking. If you buy the print copy on Amazon, it comes with a recording I made with Judy rehearsing at the piano. Let me know how you like it.

      • Jesse Haenig said:

        Hey John! What did you think of the new Judy movie? I wish they would do one about your book. I thought the movie was loaded with inaccuracies especially when it showed her in the hotel alone. I said to my friend after what I’ve read she’d never be left alone like that. She had to always have people around her.

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      • Hi Jesse. As I posted on my fb page, I thought Renee was fine, the script was all over the place, but I’m glad we have this film, if only to alert younger generations to Judy’s existence…and to keep her in the popular consciousness. Could’ve used a richer vocal presence on the songs, I feel, someone like, say, Vikki Carr.

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