Mrs. Schnierson had to contain her emotion. She was talking to the Obituaries Editor at the NY Times. “Morris was such a loving husband,” she said, “I’d like to honor his memory -we were together fifty four years.” Certainly, said the Editor, and took down the details: ‘Schnierson, Morris, 91 years old, beloved husband of Sadie, devoted father of Lori and Daniel, designer of packaging for the Kellogg Company, Battle Creek Michigan, for over forty years–‘ and when she reached the end of her description, the editor said to her, “Good, Mrs. Schnierson, and at the rate you’re paying, you still have four more words you may use.”  Mrs. Schierson pondered it a good minute and a half. The Editor could hear her snuffling at the end of his receiver. Finally, Mrs. Schnierson spoke: “All right,” she told him, “put ‘Used Buick for sale’.”